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Spiritual Living Coach & rETREAT lEADER

Karin Johnson, Warrior Goddess Sisterhood

Karin Marie Johnson

Karin has been on a journey of self-discovery since she was as young as 3 years of age. She was driven to unearth what triggered her to behave and respond to situations the way she did. 

Karin's calling is to help women heal from emotional wounds and be transformed into the woman they were designed to be. She has a natural ability to create a safe place to explore their deepest fears and challenges. She believes women have all the answers inside them. Karin’s strength is that she naturally brings nurturing, empathy, intuition and grounding to their challenges and fears.

  • Karin has trained extensively with Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul® series. Jack is best know as "America's #1 Success Coach" 
  • Karin has worked with Life Impact LLC in Self-Leadership
  • Certified Self Love Guide at The Path of Self Love School with Christine Arylo. 
  • Current Student at Church for the Nations School of Ministry
  • Karin is also a Veteran, serving in the US Air Force where she met her husband, Oslando in 1987. Karin & Oz make their home in Phoenix, AZ.

Women, healing, meditation, self-love, Spirituality, sisterhood, passion, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit


Karin founded Warrior Goddess Sisterhood as a place for women to come together in community, "Sisterhood". To develop a Strong Sense of Self, so that despite what is going on in their life, they can still live from their core and know who they are. We learn through the use of meditation, workshops, assessments, journaling, personal vision statements, to name a few.... to live authentically, honoring ourselves and others. We are a safe environment, a sacred place for women to share their journey , insights, and stories.

 As a Retreat Leader, she will illuminate a path for you; what you can’t see that exists inside of you, your gifts that are unique to only you: Your Soul Essence & Your Life's Purpose. As a catalyst for healing and transformation, she will hold space for you to create lasting change; unearthing your souls’ path and your heart’s desire. She will educate you on the importance of Self-Care, what it really is and how to cultivate it.

As a Spiritual Living Coach, she will help women increase value in their life and reach goals. She will support and challenge you into action by asking powerful questions. She will help you define what you want, who you are at your core, and discover the tools already inside of you, through biblical principles. While she believes each woman has all the answers already inside, sometimes you just need strong step-by-step guidance to reveal them and "Unearth the Woman you Are".  

2 Peter 1: 3

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